Børnene på Land of Hopes børnecenter

Land of Hope Children's Center

In Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, lies the children’s center Land of Hope. A protected area spanning over 30,000 square meters, where all 92 children live together. Anja and David’s dream was to build a safe haven for children who are abandoned and abused due to adults’ superstitions.

This is the girl's room at Land of Hope Children's Center

A safe haven

Behind guards and protective walls you will find hope. Here lives the founder of Land of Hope, Anja Lovén, along with her husband, David Umem, and the 92 “witch children” they have rescued over the past 10 years.

On a daily basis, 50 employees operate the children’s center and make sure the children receive nutritious meals, attend school, participate in sports, process traumas, develop talents, and receive medical treatment at the children’s center clinic. Meanwhile, Anja travels back and forth between Denmark and Nigeria to raise funds, and David fights for the children’s rights politically and legally.

Running West Africa’s largest children’s center is not an easy life.

This is Abasiofon in front of the sign Love Lives Here

The children's daily life

Inside Land of Hope the walls are decorated in colorful art with words like ‘Hope’ and ‘Love Lives Here’. They stand in contrast to the presence of barbed wire and armed guards, that reflects the looming danger of kidnapping and attacks outside.

Three to four children live together in rooms, each with its own toilet. They are divided into girls and boys and have separate houses. All rooms are painted in beautiful colors, and in both houses, there is a common area where they eat, do homework, play, and sing.

Near the entrance you find a football field. The children are very active, as sports have a therapeutic effect. We also have a volleyball court and a music room where they learn to play instruments and sing.


It still amazes me that with the amount of donations we raise from our supporters, we can create good lives for so many children.

This is the outdoor kitchen at Land of Hope

Farming and Self-Sufficiency

It has always been a goal to make Land of Hope self-sufficient.

We cultivate vegetables such as cucumbers, yams, carrots, and tomatoes on large areas outside Land of Hope, which we lease from the local government. Inside, we have mango and banana trees. We breed our own catfish in large fish tanks and have a chicken farm with more than 5,000 chickens.

Farming is going well, and it is now large enough that we can sell what we don’t consume ourselves at local markets, thereby generating income for operations.

This is Land of Hope health clinic

Community health care

Land of Hope aims to be an educational and support center that extends beyond just the children. We want to play an active role in the local community and change the conditions that contribute to the existence of superstition altogether.

That’s why we have built our own hospital with an operating room and space for up to 20 patients. We want to be able to offer healthcare to poor villagers who otherwise have no access. The hospital currently operates as a clinic where our own nurses work, and where we admit children if they become sick.

Additionally, we’re constructing a conference center for our educational outreach efforts.

Here’s how you can help

92 children live at Land of Hope. We live like a family, so your support goes towards very ordinary, basic things that are often taken for granted:

– Three daily meals
– Furniture and mattresses for the children’s rooms
– The children’s education and books
– Transportation to and from areas that are too dangerous to walk in

Additionally, we need funds for medicine, hospital visits, and the amazing staff who take care of the children on a daily basis and ensure that they process their traumas and face a brighter future.

Monthly support or single donation

You can choose to make a single donation to Land of Hope’s work or become a regular supporter of our work with a fixed monthly donation. Regular support provides us with a strong foundation as we fight dangerous superstitions and save more children’s lives.

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