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Hope stands for Help One Person Everyday. When you support Land of Hope, you help our children back to a life they have a right to live. Monthly support ensure them a safe upbringing at Land of Hope Children’s Center.

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Other ways to support

Support Campaigns

We have partnered with some amazing companies and created a range of products. By purchasing from them, you provide financial support to Land of Hope’s work in Nigeria, and at the same time, you can be reminded every day that you are giving hope to others. For example, find posters with the children’s art.

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You can start your own fundraiser, for example, in connection with a birthday or wedding, a holiday, a flea market, or simply because our work is dear to your heart. If you have everything you need, money can be the greatest gift to give to others.

Land of Hope has joined  – the largest global crowdfunding community where you can donate money to our projects.

Become a sponsor

As a sponsor of Land of Hope, you can demonstrate that you are actively participating in a sustainable development project. When employees can see, quite concretely, that your support helps children and brings joy and hope back into their lives, it greatly motivates the work community. It also earns great recognition from customers. For example, Just Mokka has been a sponsor for 8 years.

Become sponsor


We have developed our own merchandise series of cool, colorful t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs, and tote bags. When you wear our name and logo, you help us become visible so that more people can learn about us and our important work in Nigeria. At the same time, you support us financially.

Our Shop


Twice a year Land of Hope put exciting items up for auction on Facebook. The items are donated by generous companies, and there is something for everyone. All the money from auctions go directly to Land of Hope. Make sure to follow Anja Ringgren Lovén on Facebook. She will post about the auction in spring and winter time.

Do you have items you would like to donate to us? Contact Pia at

Superstitious beliefs in Nigeria kills thousands of innocent children every year. Your support saves the lives of innocent children