No child should suffer due to the superstitions of adults

It is our core belief that every child is a human being with inviolable rights. Therefore, we fight against the accusations made about children being witches, a menace which has led to the stigmatisation, torture, abandonment and killing of thousands of children in Nigeria. 

children saved

Not only do we save children. We build character within the children in our care, so they become living proof that hurtful superstitions have no foundation in reality.

How to help Land of Hope

Support every month

A fixed monthly donation gives us a strong financial foundation and strengthens our work eliminating the roots that superstition thrives on.

Give a donation

One-off donations enable us to rescue more children, and to combat the superstitious beliefs in Nigeria that kill thousands of innocent children every year. 



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Our belief

United against superstition. This means that no child is left behind.

Our mission

We save innocent children, accused of witchcraft, from exclusion, torture and death.

With care, protection and education for the children and by educating their surrounding communities, we lay the foundation for a future, where children grow up to be independent, active and social individuals who contribute to the development of their community.  

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