Land of Hope documentary on (HBO) MAX

Land of Hope on HBO MAX

Land of Hope documentary on (HBO) MAX

In 2023, the children’s center at Land of Hope in Nigeria welcomed a film crew.

Warner Bros., the film production company, wanted to portray Anja Lovén, founder of Land of Hope, and David Emmanuel Umem. Since 2013, they have both been tirelessly fighting for children in Nigeria who are victims of adult superstitions and accused of being witches, often facing death—with no help from world leaders or media, who have turned a blind eye for many years. Despite this still happening to over 10,000 children every year in Nigeria.

The footage was first used for the Polish documentary “Woman at the End of the World” hosted by Polish TV journalist Martyna Wojciechowska, which premiered in August 2023.

We can now reveal that MAX (formerly HBO MAX) has decided to produce a documentary that will premiere worldwide on June 11, 2024.

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“With this documentary, we can show the whole world how innocent children in Nigeria are accused of being witches and subjected to torture and ostracism due to superstition, ignorance, and poverty. I hope the documentary will kick-start pressure from the Western world leading to a change in laws in Nigeria. And that Land of Hope’s vital work gets more attention so we can save more children and give them a secure future. And I look forward to showing the whole world my life’s work and welcoming everyone to the Land of Hope children’s center,” says Anja Lovén.


The One With Hope

In the documentary “The One With Hope,” you can get a unique insight into Anja’s remarkable life as a Danish aid worker in Nigeria and as the founder of Land of Hope. The organization with Danish roots has rescued and taken custody of – so far – 93 children who have been in the worst imaginable situations you could ever wish for a child.

Anja herself became world-famous in 2016 when a photo of her in front of the little ‘witch child,’ Hope, went viral on the internet.

Millions of people have followed Hope’s story. From when he, at 2 years old, came into Anja’s arms and incredibly survived, even though his little body could take no more. To today, at 10 years old, he is a top student in school, an excellent dancer, and just an ordinary boy who lives, happy and healthy, at the Land of Hope children’s center. He has filled many hearts with gratitude and reflection, making it more important than ever that we put ‘witch children’ on the global agenda and break the curse over Nigeria.

We hope the documentary will save thousands of children like Hope.

Through interviews with Anja and other key people in Land of Hope’s work, you get the story of Land of Hope. You even get to see when Hope is reunited with his biological mother.

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As a regular supporter of Anja and Land of Hope’s mission in Nigeria, you help save children’s lives. You can see with your own eyes how your money gives a child a new chance in life—and how children who were otherwise abandoned and ostracized by their nearest undergo incredible transformations and today are strong, ambitious, talented, and caring individuals.

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