Awareness work in poor villages

Anja and Children from Land of Hope back in the locale communities

Awareness work in poor villages

Knowledge is key to overcome superstition.

In Europe, back in the 1500s-1600s, we also believed in witchcraft. Thousands of innocent people were killed due to witch accusations, but as our society evolved, it stopped.

We know that when children, regardless of background and living conditions, go to school and gain access to knowledge, it positively affects the entire community. A society evolves over generations, and we know that in societies where children do not go to school, development stagnates.

Here, there is a much greater danger that superstition will grow.

Governments are obligated to educate and help poor communities grow from poverty. But the Nigerian government is failing, and no one holds them accountable.

Our awareness work aims not only to save more witch-accused children but also to help develop the poorest local communities in a positive direction.

This is how we do awareness work
Listening to superstitious stories from villagers can be an uphill battle. However, it is only through continuous effort that we at Land of Hope will succeed in our mission and create the change needed so that no children suffer from adult superstitions.

Awareness work in superstitious communities requires massive preparation – and money – to organize.

Before we go to the villages, we make arrangements with the village chiefs. We often gather 5-10 villages at a time. Therefore, many chiefs must grant permission for us to come – and they must be paid a certain amount for their gesture and kindness. That’s the tradition.

We send out invitations and gather villagers in classrooms, assembly halls, or the village church. Speakers and microphones need to be in place, snacks and beverages must be ready, and sometimes there are thousands of guests, other times a few hundred.

We invite media such as radio and TV to come and cover our meetings, but the media only come when paid.

It is essential that we have T-shirts for the staff and also for distributing, so we can spread the message “Children Not Witches” as widely as possible. We distribute thousands of flyers in connection with events.

It all costs money.

We cannot do it without donations.

Do we face resistance from chiefs?
In fact, the village chiefs are very willing to speak and debate. When Land of Hope comes out, it gives them an opportunity to be heard.

They are not used to that.

They are used to corruption and never getting anything help from the government.

When we are present among the locals, we build trust. They understand our messages, and even though we disagree, they know that we do not judge them. We have many exciting debates with them, but we tell them very clearly that the abuse and mistreatment of children are illegal.

Our visits to the villages are always associated with some uncertainty. Therefore, we have armed guards with us.

A peaceful conversation can suddenly turn into chaos – we have experienced events that end in fights among the locals. Not because the disagreement about superstition becomes too significant, but simply because someone has caught wind that village chiefs receive travel expenses.

It is the inequality and envy among them that create rage.

Yes, the children from Land of Hope are included
They are the living proof that superstition has no justification.

Of course, only the older children accompany us. They can tell their story themselves – and they love it. Finally, they are allowed to defend themselves.

Seeing them stand with pride and courage in front of those who once called them witches is incredibly significant and touching. It adds an extra dimension to our messages but also to their mental healing.

In 2024, we are intensifying our awareness work – and we need all the support we can get. You can fight side by side with us by donating to our awareness work. Let us combat the root of superstition and save thousand of children’s lives together.

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Anja and Children from Land of Hope back in the locale communities