We have 17 children at university

Land of Hope children at University

We have 17 children at university

Education is very important in the fight against ignorance. Because ignorance can lead to superstition in poor local communities.

When we rescue children accused of witchcraft, we make sure that they go to school in their own community with local children. That way we show the community that these children are not witches. We prepare the children to play an active part in the sustainable development of their community and thereby in the fight against hurtful superstitions.

The children have hopes and ambitions for the future.

Some want to be electricians, doctors, lawyers, architects, and others dream of having their own hair salon or mechanic shop. We support them all in their individual potentials.

Right now, we have 17 children studying at the university:

Asuquo: Micro Biology
Charity: History and International Studies
Emem: Medical Laboratory Science
Ernest: Marine Engineering
Essien: English
Idong: Anatomy
Israel: Electronic Engineering
Mary: English
Michael: Electronic Engineering
Miriam: History and Policy
Nsikak: Civil Engineering
Prince: Public Administration
Rita: Nurse
Shedrach: Bachelor in Policy and Administrative studies
Solomon: Mass Communication
Uduak: Mass Communication
Victor: Architecture

In Nigeria there are 36 states and they all have universities. Some better than others. It is the children’s grades that determine if they are admitted to the university they dream of. They may have a wish to study at a certain university, but if the university is fully booked or their grades are not good enough, they are sent on to another.

Not all of our children have grades good enough to study. We guide them to find another way that is right for them.

All education is paid for with the help of donations to Land of Hope. Therefore we are very grateful for all donations. They are important because soon we will have more children starting university – and it is so expensive.

The life we ​​provide for the children is only possible with all of the support we receive from you.

So thank you for helping us save lives and give these children a future.

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