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Amazing, generous companies support Land of Hope, and together, we have developed products for Buy & Support Campaigns. When you purchase these products, you provide financial support to the children. But at the same time, you also help us raise awareness so that more people know what happens to innocent children in some of the world’s poorest communities

The Children's artwork as posters from ChiCura

The children's artwork

Art is like therapy for the children at Land of Hope. That’s why it touches us deeply that ChiCura has helped transform the children’s paintings into modern posters with important messages from the heart.

Land of Hope


We have our own merchandise collection with cool, colorful t-shirts and sweatshirts for both children and adults, as well as coffee cups, stuffed animals, and shopping bags. When you wear our merchandise, you help raise awareness about our important work.

Selected items

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Want to collaborate?

Is your company interested in partnering with Land of Hope? We proudly collaborate with companies that share the same core values as Land of Hope. Contact us for more information at: