HM King Frederik of Denmark rewards Anja

Anja Loven sammen med Kronprins Frederik

HM King Frederik of Denmark rewards Anja

Land of Hope’s founder, Anja Lovén, has received the ALF (Anders Lassen Foundation) grant for her humanitarian work. The patron of the foundation is HM King Frederik the 10th of Denmark, who presented the grant to Anja on a beautiful autumn day at Kastellet (The Commander’s House) in Copenhagen.

The justification for the grant

“The grant is awarded to Anja Ringgren Lovén in recognition of her tireless and dedicated efforts to rescue and protect children in Nigeria accused of witchcraft.

For many years, Anja Ringgren Lovén has demonstrated extraordinary bravery, strength, and determination in her mission as an advocate for these vulnerable children, who, without her intervention, would be condemned to a tragic fate.

Despite working in extremely dangerous conditions, Anja Ringgren Lovén, with great perseverance, established ‘Land of Hope,’ a sanctuary that not only saves lives but also lays the foundation for a new and better future for these children.

Through her educational work in Nigerian villages, Anja Ringgren Lovén has also taken on deeply ingrained superstitious beliefs that keep the children in their unhappy situation.

In summary, Anja Ringgren Lovén’s efforts represent an extraordinary form of human kindness, empathy, and courage that serves as a shining example for all of us.”

About the Anders Lassen Foundation

Recognition from the Anders Lassen Foundation means something truly special.

Anders Lassen was a young man who fought for his values and ultimately sacrificed himself during World War II. He lost his life while saving the lives of his comrades and colleagues, and today he represents a human quality that should never be forgotten: selfless and compassionate action.

The foundation in his name was established in 1996 on the initiative of the Danish soldier Nicolai Moltke-Leth and has been awarding grants since 1998 to reward significant military efforts, support the injured and bereaved, and acknowledge humanitarian efforts.

To be associated with the purpose of the Anders Lassen Foundation is a great honor.

If you wish to support Anja and Land of Hope’s ongoing work to save the lives of innocent ‘witch children,’ you can donate to Land of Hope. We greatly need your support in the fight against superstition and poverty.

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