Just Mokka has been a sponsor for 8 years

Sponsor Just Mokka

Just Mokka has been a sponsor for 8 years

“And that’s something we will continue to do,” the two founders of Just Mokka, Kristian Balle Arboe and Brian Thy Kofoed quickly assured.

“When we engage in a project, we do it with whole hearts and a long-term perspective. That’s the only way we can be sure, that we are contributing to changing the world.”

Coffee and Loving Values
Holding onto their beliefs has been a defining characteristic of Just Mokka from the very beginning of the coffee company in 2016. Kristian and Brian aimed to deliver the highest quality coffee to Danish workplaces, but they wanted to do more than ‘just make money.’

Therefore, Just Mokka was brewed on the unwavering foundation of living up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Long before they became widely known among customers and in the industry.

– In addition to that, Just Mokka committed to donating 10% of its profit – every single year – to support Land of Hope.

Why Land of Hope?
“Like Anja, we were brought up to give before you get. Everything we have experienced with Just Mokka, we have created ourselves. And even though Anja’s project back in 2016 wasn’t the biggest, that’s where we saw we could make the biggest difference for other people. All big things come from small beginnings,” Kristian and Brian both agree.

In its 8 years as a sponsor of Land of Hope (formerly DINNødhjælp), Just Mokka has donated close to €135.000 from the company’s total profit.

It’s not the money, it’s the joy!
Although sponsorship is a central part of Kristian’s and Brian’s business and something they proudly tell their customers about, it is also very personal:

“When you have children yourself, the story of the witch children hits incredibly hard,” Kristian says about his first meeting with Land of Hope. “Yes, I thought, oh damn! Does something like that still happen today? We were shocked,” Brian adds.

Therefore, it means a lot to both of them that they can see the children are being rescued from terrible situations, getting a loving home, and an education so they can develop as individuals.

“To see the joy in the children’s eyes. It makes me happy. You can’t help but feel happy,” says Brian, and Kristian nods in agreement: “We believe that what we give, we get back tenfold. Not in money, but in joy.”

As a Land of Hope sponsor, Just Mokka financially supports our work and helps ensure that we can save more innocent children, give them a safe and loving upbringing at Land of Hope, until one day, as independent, active individuals, they can also contribute positively to the development of the local community.